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If you pay for 1 month of any of our marketing services at $100 a month or $25 a week, we can build you a new mobile, responsive website for free. The website is yours to keep, even if you cancel the marketing. 

Here's a few clients that have been with us for years and would recommend us: 

- Boyd Total Delivery  (Overland Park, KS)

- ProEx Courier   (Washington DC )

- Flooring Discount Center   (Morro Bay, CA)

- DCS Delivery   (Newport Beach, CA)

What's New At Customwave 

- Click To Text Buttons: When someone pushes the click to text button, their text message screen pops up with your cell phone # already in it to make it easy for them to text you. 

- Text Message Alerts: If anyone emails you off your website, you'll get a text message alert to help you beat your competitors by contacting the potential customer first. 

- Remarketing: Ever been to Amazon and then you leave and start seeing banner ads for Amazon pop up all over the place? That's remarketing and it's included.

(Short Term Approach, Results Right Away)
Our search engine advertising starts at $100 a month and will get you on the search engines within a week. It's guaranteed because we pay them for you to be there.

(Long Term Approach, Better Results Long Term)
For a separate $100 a month, Customwave targets 50 new keywords every month with SEO.

Free Website Changes / Free Logo / Free Web Hosting / Social Media / Reviews / Reputation Management

Our marketing has no contract. You're able to cancel at any time for any reason.
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